Nissan GT-R

Replacement Parts

Stress-tech parts are listed in bold

DTXC1535 5x10mm Ball Bearing
DTXC1547 5x11mm Ball Bearing
DTXC1569 6x12mm Ball Bearing
DTXC1595 10x15mm Ball Bearing
DTXC1705 10x19mm Ball Bearing
DTXC6112 Air Filter Element
DTXC6113 Air Filter Set
DTXC6249 Antenna Tube/Cap Set
DTXC6470 Body Mount Set
DTXC6471 Body Washers
DTXC6589 Body w/Decal Gun Metallic
DTXC6590 Body w/Decal Solid Red
DTXC6591 Body w/Decal Deep Blue Pearl
DTXC6592 Body w/Decal Clear
DTXC6754 Brake Cam Set
DTXC6755 Brake Disc
DTXC6756 Brake Plates w/Pads
DTXC6757 Brake/Throttle Rod Set
DTXC6818 Center Bulkhead Set
DTXC6819 Bulkhead Set
DTXC6881 Pilot Shaft
DTXC6882 Gear Box Set
DTXC6883 Spur Gear Hub w/One-Way Bearing
DTXC6884 2-Speed Clutch
DTXC6885 Center Drive Joint Set
DTXC6886 Knuckle Arm Set
DTXC6888 Pillow Ball Set
DTXC6889 Front Hinge Pin Mount Set
DTXC6890 Rear Hub Set
DTXC6891 Rear Hinge Pin Mount Set
DTXC6892 Camber Rod Set
DTXC6893 Front Brace
DTXC6894 Engine Mount Plate
DTXC6895 Hinge Pins (50/54mm)
DTXC6896 Hinge Pins (22/26/35mm)
DTXC6897 Hex Drive Washer
DTXC6898 Exhaust Coupler
DTXC6899 Center Shaft
DTXC6900 Manifold Set
DTXC6901 Center Dogbone Set (56/64mm)
DTXC6902 Dogbone (60mm)
DTXC6903 Wheel Shaft Set
DTXC6913 Foam Bumper
DTXC6914 Bumper Mount Set
DTXC6917 Differential Spool Set
DTXC7032 Main Chassis
DTXC7149 Clutch Bell (17T/22T)
DTXC7161 Clutch Springs
DTXC7162 Clutch Shoes
DTXC7299 Decal Sheet
DTXC7387 Diff Bevel Gear Set
DTXC7388 Diff Pinion Gear/Shaft
DTXC7398 Ring Gear (34T)
DTXC7399 Differential Case
DTXC7496 Spur Gear Set (41T, 47T)
DTXC7497 Diff Drive Joint/Gear
DTXC7498 Drive Shaft Joint
DTXC7499 Spur Gear Plate
DTXC7617 Engine Mount Set
DTXC7711 Flywheel
DTXC7820 Fuel Tank
DTXC8410 Radio Tray/Servo Mount Set
DTXC8788 Servo Saver Set
DTXC8789 Servo Saver Posts
DTXC9069 Shock Cap Set
DTXC9074 Shock Tower Set
DTXC9075 Rear Shock Set
DTXC9076 Shock Springs
DTXC9077 Front Shock Set
DTXC9078 Shock Plastic Parts
DTXC9079 Shock Seal Set
DTXC9141 Shock Shaft
DTXC9483 Front Upper Suspension Arms
DTXC9484 Front Lower Suspension Arms
DTXC9485 Rear Lower Suspension Arms
DTXC9568 Steering Rod Set
DTXC9649 Tie Rod Set
DTXC9679 Radial Tires w/Foam Inserts
DTXC9764 3mm Spring Washer
DTXC9782 Body Accessories Gun Metallic
DTXC9783 Body Accessories Solid Red
DTXC9784 Body Accessories Deep Blue Pearl
DTXC9903 Wheels
DTXC9933 Tuned Pipe
DTXC9934 Tuned Pipe Mount
DTXP6023 Super Start


DTXC6907 2x11mm Pin
DTXC6908 2x10mm Pin
DTXC6887 Pillow Ball Retainer Set
DTXC6909 3x6x0.3mm Shim
DTXC6911 3mm Lock Nut
DTXC6912 Flanged Wheel Nuts
DTXC6905 2x8mm F/H S/T Screws
DTXC6906 4x10mm H/H Screws
DTXC8643 3x28mm R/H S/T Screws
DTXQ0201 2mm R/H S/T Screw Set
DTXQ0207 3mm R/H S/T Screw Set
DTXQ0209 3mm L R/H S/T Screw Set
DTXQ0233 3mm F/H S/T Screw Set
DTXQ0255 3mm R/H Screw Set
DTXQ0263 3mm P/H Screw Set
DTXQ0273 3mm F/H Screw Set
DTXQ0285 3mm H/H Screw Set
DTXQ0287 3mm XL H/H Screw Set
DTXQ0301 3mm Set Screws
DTXQ0305 4mm Set Screws
DTXC6918 5x8x.3mm Shim
DTXQ0523 2.5mm E-Clip
DTXQ0525 4mm E-Clip
DTXQ0528 7mm E-Clip
DTXC6772 Body Clip


DTXP6026 Super Start Back Plate
SUPG0600 .18 Engine
SUPG1750 Carburetor Complete
SUPG2051 Backplate w/Gasket
SUPG2180 Head Button
SUPG2360 Carburetor Bolt
SUPG2440 Throttle Spring
SUPG2451 Cooling Head
SUPG2520 Connecting Rod
SUPG2615 Crankcase
SUPG3111 Crankshaft
SUPG3387 Cylinder & Piston
SUPG3388 Cylinder Piston Rod Assembly
SUPG4202 Carburetor Rotor
SUPG4220 Rotor Boot Cover
SUPG4430 One-Way Bearing
SUPG4476 Fuel Nipple
SUPG4710 Idle Screw Spring
SUPG4840 High Speed Needle
SUPG4881 Needle Valve Assembly
SUPG4900 Low Speed Needle
SUPG5020 Backplate Gasket
SUPG5021 High Speed Needle Valve O-Ring
SUPG5060 Starting Shaft O-Ring
SUPG5061 Carburetor O-Ring
SUPG5095 Piston Pin
SUPG5099 Piston Pin Retainers
SUPG5420 Starting Pressure Spring
SUPG5464 Front Bearing
SUPG5466 Rear Bearing
SUPG5650 Backplate Screws
SUPG5652 Idle Stop Screw
SUPG5653 Cooling Head Screws
SUPG5870 Starting Shaft
SUPG5880 Starting Pin
SUPG6050 Throttle Arm
SUPG6058 Throttle Arm Nut
SUPG6076 Brass Collet
SUPG6202 Carburetor Body
SUPG6350 Lower Needle Valve Washer
SUPG6351 Upper Needle Valve Washer
SUPG6353 Head Shims
SUPG6355 Throttle Arm Washer
Protected By Stress-Tech Guarantee FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE
Duratrax is so confident in the quality and durability of Stress-Tech plastic parts that we'll replace any Stress-Tech part that breaks during the first 12 months you own your Nissan GT-R. Just send the broken part to Duratrax and we'll send you a FREE replacement. See the instruction manual for mailing address and details. NOTE: This warranty is only available directly from Duratrax. It is not available from your dealer.
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