Option Parts

DTXC1561 Bearing 6mm x 10mm
DTXC7264 Center CVD Set
DTXC8284 Motor Mount Cam Aluminum
DTXC8373 Pinion Gear 13T
DTXC8374 Pinion Gear 14T
DTXC8375 Pinion Gear 15T
DTXC8376 Pinion Gear 16T
DTXC8377 Pinion Gear 17T
DTXC8378 Pinion Gear 18T
DTXC8984 Shock Set Plastic Front/Rear (2)
DTXC8986 Shock Set Alum Rear Long (2)
DTXC9085 Shock Shaft Long (2)
DTXC9282 Shock Spring Long Soft White (2)
DTXC9283 Shock Spring Long Medium Black (2)
DTXC9284 Shock Spring Long Hard Green (2)
DTXC9286 Shock Tower Front Machined
DTXC9288 Shock Tower Rear Machined
DTXC9295 Shock Spring Soft White (2)
DTXC9297 Shock Spring Hard Green (2)
DTXC9332 Spur Gear Steel 45T
DTXC9333 Spur Gear Steel 47T
DTXC9614 Suspension Arm Mnt Alum FR/RE
DTXC9615 Suspension Arm Mnt Alum RE/FR
DTXC9626 Swaybar Front/Rear 2.3/2.7

Replacement Parts

Stress-tech parts are listed in bold

DTXC1523 Bearing 5mm x 8mm
DTXC1573 Bearing 6mm x 13mm
DTXC1585 Bearing 8mm x 16mm
DTXC1601 Bearing 15mm x 21mm
DTXC3631 Posse Buggy Tire C3 Mounted
DTXC6195 Ball Cup Set 7mm
DTXC6196 Ball Cup Set 6mm

DTXC6307 Battery Strap (2)
DTXC6337 Body Clear W/Decal
DTXC6472 Body Clip Large Bent (6)
DTXC6479 Body Washer Foam (6)
DTXC6878 Bumper Set Front/Rear
DTXC6954 Center Diff Mount Set

DTXC6955 Dog Bone 106mm
DTXC7022 Chassis Set
DTXC7023 Chassis Front Plate
DTXC7024 Chassis Brace Set
DTXC7041 Chassis Upper Deck Set

DTXC7260 CVD Set
DTXC7261 CVD Dog Bone (2)
DTXC7262 CVD Axle (2)
DTXC7263 CVD Joint Coupler Set
DTXC7324 Decal
DTXC7491 Diff Set Center
DTXC7492 Diff Set Front/Rear
DTXC7493 Diff Ring Gear 43T
DTXC7494 Diff Pinion Gear 10T
DTXC7560 Diff Case Set
DTXC7561 Diff Housing
DTXC7562 Diff Gasket (10)
DTXC7563 Diff Satellite/Sun Gear Set
DTXC7564 Diff Satellite Gear Shaft Set
DTXC7565 Diff Outdrive Cup (2)
DTXC7566 Diff O-ring 6mm (6)
DTXC8061 Hinge Pin Long (4)
DTXC8062 Hinge Pin Short (4)
DTXC8063 Hinge Pin Outer Rear (2)
DTXC8064 Hinge Pin Inner (4)
DTXC8068 Hub Carrier Set Front
DTXC8069 Hub Carrier Set Rear
DTXC8283 Motor Mount Cam Plate Set Alum
DTXC8287 Outdrive Cup
DTXC8395 Radio Box Lid
DTXC8455 Rear Axle (2)
DTXC8844 Servo Arm Aluminum
DTXC8845 Servo Saver Set
DTXC8846 Servo Saver Nut
DTXC8847 Servo Saver Spring
DTXC8985 Shock Set Alum FR/RE (2)
DTXC8987 Shock Boot (4)
DTXC9080 Shock Parts
DTXC9081 Shock Bladder (4)
DTXC9082 Shock Cap Bottom (2)
DTXC9083 Shock Cap Top (2)
DTXC9084 Shock Shaft 52mm (2)
DTXC9087 Shock Mount (2)
DTXC9285 Shock Tower Front
DTXC9287 Shock Tower Rear
DTXC9289 Shock O-ring 4mm (8)
DTXC9296 Shock Spring Medium Black (2)
DTXC9330 Spur Gear Plastic 46T
DTXC9331 Spur Gear Mount
DTXC9463 Steering Rack
DTXC9464 Steering Post (2)
DTXC9465 Steering Rack Bushing (2)
DTXC9466 Steering Knuckle Set
DTXC9611 Suspension Arm Mount Set
DTXC9612 Suspension Arm Set

DTXC9613 Suspension Arm Mount Alum FR/FR
DTXC9616 Suspension Arm Mount Alum RE/RE 1Deg
DTXC9617 Suspension Ball 6mm (10)
DTXC9618 Suspension Ball 7mm (10)
DTXC9625 Swaybar Set Front/Rear
DTXC9805 Wheel Hub Aluminum (2)
DTXC9806 Wheel Nut Aluminum (4)
DTXC9811 Turnbuckle 5mm x 46mm (2)
DTXC9812 Turnbuckle 4mm x 52mm (2)
DTXC9962 Wing Mount Set
DTXC9963 Wing Rear White


TKPQ0101 3mm x 8mm Flat Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0102 3mm x 10mm Flat Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0103 3mm x 12mm Flat Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0105 3mm x 16mm Flat Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0107 3mm x 20mm Flat Head Screw (5)
TKPQ0122 4mm x 12mm Flat Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0124 4mm x 16mm Flat Head Screw (5)
TKPQ0201 3mm x 8mm Button Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0202 3mm x 10mm Button Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0205 3mm x 16mm Button Head Screw (10)
TKPQ0207 3mm x 20mm Button Head Screw (5)
TKPQ0222 4mm x 12mm Button Head Screw (5)
TKPQ0224 4mm x 16mm Button Head Screw (5)
TKPQ0400 3mm x 3mm Set Screw (10)
TKPQ0401 3mm x 4mm Set Screw (10)
TKPQ0422 4mm x 8mm Set Screw (5)
TKPQ0430 5mm x 5mm Set Screw (5)
TKPQ1001 3mm Locknut (10)
TKPQ1004 4mm Locknut (10)
DTXQ0430 3mm plastic nut (10)
DTXQ0501 2mm flat washer
DTXQ0501 2.5mm flat washer
TKPQ1010 3mm Flat Washer (10)
DTXC8661 3mm x 10mm Set Screw (6)
DTXQ5045 2mm x 5mm Socket Head Screw (10)
DTXQ5050 3mm x 30mm Set Screw (10)
DTXQ5055 3mm x 30mm Socket Head Screw (10)
DTXQ5060 3mm x 12mm Button Head Screw (10)
DTXQ5065 4mm x 18mm Button head Screw (10)
Protected By Stress-Tech Guarantee
Duratrax is so confident in the quality and durability of Stress-Tech plastic parts that we'll replace any Stress-Tech part that breaks during the first 12 months you own your DXR8-E. Just send the broken part to Duratrax and we'll send you a FREE replacement. See the instruction manual for mailing address and details. NOTE: This warranty is only available directly from Duratrax. It is not available from your dealer.
Bearing 6mm x 10mm
Center CVD Set
Motor Mount Cam Aluminum
Pinion Gear 13T
Pinion Gear 14T
Pinion Gear 15T
Pinion Gear 16T
Pinion Gear 17T
Pinion Gear 18T
Shock Set Plastic Front/Rear (2)
Shock Set Alum Rear Long (2)
Shock Shaft Long (2)
Shock Spring Long Soft White (2)
Shock Spring Long Medium Black (2)
Shock Spring Long Hard Green (2)
Shock Tower Front Machined
Shock Tower Rear Machined
Shock Spring Soft White (2)
Shock Spring Hard Green (2)
Spur Gear Steel 45T
Spur Gear Steel 47T
Suspension Arm Mnt Alum FR/RE
Suspension Arm Mnt Alum RE/FR
Swaybar Front/Rear 2.3/2.7